Corvette Crashes Against Wall, Door Hits Camera Man

Drag races are full of surprises, always have been and always will be. It’s a risky sport and crashes come along with the sport of drag racing. However, not all of these crashes are alike. Most every crash is pretty unique in itself because there are an endless number of factors involved in each and every collision. A lot of cars during drag races crash into the wall when they spin out of control, causing an uncontrollable and unexpected outcome. This is highly dangerous for people standing next to the track, especially camera operators.

As the Corvette in this video is beginning to race down the track, it almost immediately loses control and over corrects, causing a really intense collision with the side wall. This collision causes the door to fly off of the corvette and go FLYING towards one of the camera men! According to the video description, the door grazed the leg of the camera operator. This only resulted in a bruise but could’ve been a lot worse! The door also crashed into the camera operator’s tripod, causing some damage. Luckily both the driver and the camera operator were OK after this wreck but it definitely was a wild one!

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