Colorado Passed A Bill Allowing EV Manufacturers To Sell Directly To Customers, Bypassing Dealerships

A bill was approved last week in the Colorado Senate that will allow electric vehicle manufacturers, such as Tesla and Rivian, to sell their vehicles directly to consumers, bypassing dealerships altogether. The catch is that the bill only allows companies that solely sell EVs with no traditional dealership system already in place.

The bill will allow Teslas, Rivians, etc. to operate in a sales model better suited to their approach which essentially treats the vehicles as high-end electronics. Rivian is already expecting to sell directly in Arizona. While Rivian was the original lobbyist behind the bill, it does make sense for automakers that are mostly made-to-order or a low volume manufacturer.

While there are still 19 states where direct sales are limited or outright banned, it appears as if the practice is gaining headway in the automotive industry. Do you think this has the potential to make its way into every state or are people still wanting a dealership experience?

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