Clueless Mixer Truck Driver Dumps Cement On Cars As It Drives

*Note: Video contains language

How upset would you be if you were on your way home from work and you were behind a cement mixer truck and all of a sudden your car is splattered with concrete?

Local news KSAT reports that’s exactly what happened to a few drivers on a San Antonio street. A woman begins filming as a River City Ready Mix concrete supply truck starts splashing wet concrete along Culebra Road.

The woman told KSAT that wet concrete was splashed onto her brand-new car from the rear to the front bumper on the driver’s side along with other vehicles as it drove past them.

She said multiple people tried to get the driver’s attention but the driver either didn’t notice or care. She then filed a police report, said police told her cleaning crews needed more than six hours to clean the concrete off the road.

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