Chinese Automaker May Buy Jeep

China’s 7th largest automaker, Great Wall, has reached out to Fiat Chrysler with interest in buying its Jeep brand, according to The Drive. Great Wall currently has 2 brands that sold 1.1 million vehicles last year alone and almost all were SUVs. And with Jeep having sold 1.4 million units if a deal between the two automakers goes through, Great Wall could soon be a major player in the automotive market.

While that’s good for Great Wall, it would seriously hurt FCA. Jeep has been one of its most valuable brands for a while now, especially in recent years with SUV sales playing a big part of sales. Jeep along with Ram are what’s keeping the lights on at FCA dealerships across the country, so it would be interesting to see what would happen. According to CEO Sergio Marchionne, FCA is open to selling off the Jeep brand for the right price. What do you think? Smart move to sell Jeep or would FCA take a serious hit?

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