Chevy Pickup Driver Caught Towing A Single Wide Mobile Home Down The Road

Towing something the size of a mobile home is typically left up to tractor-trailers. And usually, they even slap an “oversized load” sign on it and have lead and chase vehicle accompanying it. It’s no small job and requires lots of planning, routing, and careful driving by everyone involved. You don’t need a mobile home moved and simply decide to “just tow it” behind your Chevy Silverado. Unless you’re this guy.

Not only did this driver decide to hook up and tow the mobile home himself, he decided to do it in the dead of night which we have to say is an interesting decision. Someone called in the incident to the local news who sent a crew to see how a pickup towing a single-wide got stuck blocking an entire rural highway. What they found out was that the truck left Kansas on its way to Sarcoxie, Missouri when things got sticky as it tried to maneuver a downhill 90-degree turn onto Highway 86.

As one would expect, the trailer and mobile home bottomed out as the truck made the turn which then blocked the entire roadway. Authorities unintentionally found out after the local fire department was responding to a traffic accident but couldn’t pass through and had to detour after calling their buddies at the police department.

The officers showed up and started clearing up the mess but reportedly had to shut down the road for three hours. We’ve seen this type of deal with people who are going “just down the road” or “across town” but this guy was moving to a new state. That’s a bit far to be traveling with your DIY trailer. And our guess is this guy knew it was a bad idea or he wouldn’t have been doing it in the dead of night, presumably trying NOT to get caught.

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