Chevy Corvettes, Camaros Have Major Markdown As GM Sales Continue To Fall

We mentioned last month that there were 9,000 Chevy C7 Corvettes still unsold at dealerships. The C7 Corvette has been out for quite a while now, and it sold a healthy 40,689 in 2016. Sales have been declining (which is normal), but for the month of January 2019, a mere 800 Vettes were sold total. That’s a 20% decline from that same time last year. Bowling Green is still building making even more Corvettes available

However, Chevy has decided to try and clear them out. The automaker is offering 0% financing for 72 months on all versions of the 2018 Corvette—and an even better deal on the 2018 Camaro. So if you’ve had your eye on one of those you may consider making your move.

The deal for the Corvette applies to the Stingray, Grand Sport, and Z06 trims, 2018 model years of course. And while, yes, it’s still a lot of money for a car you can’t argue it’s a solid deal.

If you have your eye on a Camaro, 2018 models of any trim are also being offered with 0% financing for 72 months, but with the added bonus of $1,000 cash back.

These offers are valid thru April 1st so get going!

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