Car Wash Employee Gets Tangled Up And Thrown Around

This guy probably didn’t wake up expecting his day to go like this.

There’s not much more you can say that the title doesn’t already imply. This guy was working at a car wash like any other normal day when the pressure-washer he was using inside of the car wash gets tangled in the brush that’s spinning. In the beginning, he doesn’t notice (or doesn’t think it’s a big deal), but shortly after he gets tangled in the brush himself and that’s where you can see him flinging around the car wash. We’re hoping whoever was around or saw this security footage helped the guy off and either un-tangled him or shut the car wash down. Luckily for him, there wasn’t a car going through at the same time!

Poor guy, he probably won’t do that again. Have a blooper or just plain funny car-related video you think we need to see? Send it to us!