Car Trailer Gets Out Of Control – Causes Crash

Anytime someone decides to tow something, rather it be a boat, RV, ATV or whatever, they need to make sure their equipment is properly maintained and secured. If someone is pulling something this heavy, especially behind a tiny little car like this one, the proper safety measures need to be taken. If the proper steps aren’t taken, an accident like this can occur which not only puts the driver at risk but other cars driving down the road also. It’s always wise to check your trailer equipment! Safety first!

This video is pretty wild because first of all the vehicle pulling this camper doesn’t really look well equipped to pull something of that magnitude. Suddenly as the car is passing by, you see the trailer completely out of control and starts to sway back and forth. It appears the car was traveling at a higher than normal rate of speed, which only ups the chances of an out of control trailer situation. Suddenly the car spins out of control and crashes on the side of the interstate! What a fail! What do you think about this crash? Do you have any thoughts or opinions on what you think went wrong? Let us know in the comments!