Car Tire Falls Off Racecar and Takes Out The Cameraman!

A lot can happen during a race but it’s not common to see wheels just come off the car and go wheeling down the road, barreling into people. However if someone made a mistake when putting the wheels on the car, then it could be a recipe for disaster and then the wheels could just go flying at any given moment. It’s really scary, especially for spectators standing next to the racetrack because there’s a high risk of serious injury if wheels or any other type of debris comes off of a passing racecar.

In this case, a cameraman is standing next to a racetrack recording a passing Ford Focus, when suddenly one of the wheels literally just falls off and goes wheeling directly towards the cameraman. Well instead of getting out of the way, the cameraman decides to just keep on filming and the wheel ends up colliding with him, knocking him to the ground! Now that’s DEFINITELY a fail! Whatever went wrong with the Focus caused a double fail which turned out to be just ridiculous and crazy at the same time! What do you think about this? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!