Car Stolen From Date, Beached Jeep, CEO Gift, Falling Rock Crash, Distracted Driving Jail Time, And Fast Fails

• Man Steals His Date’s Car And Uses It For Another Date
• Jeep Gets Stranded In The Ocean When Tide Comes In
• Employee Gets CEO’s Personal Car As Gift
• Why Those “Watch For Falling Rock” Signs Are Posted
• States Might Soon Be Putting Distracted Drivers In Jail
• And Top 5 Fast Fails: Intersection Edition

A Man That Steals His Date’s Car ANd Uses It For Another Date
This is a new one. Local Memphis news station KFOR reports that a man stole his date’s car to go on another date! Kelton Griffin was dropped off for his date with Faith Pugh, who he knew in high school. Afterward, they stopped at a gas station and he asked her to run in and get him a cigar. Big mistake. He then drove off and left Faith to get picked up by her mom. Her God sister texted her shortly after saying Griffin had just asked HER out! So Faith tracked her god sister’s phone and found her and Griffin at a drive-in in her car where he was arrested.

Jeep Stranded By Tide
It’s warm weather which means people are driving on the beach. And getting stuck on the beach. Like this Jeep driver who waded a little too far out and didn’t get back before the tide came in. Hill Body Auto & Towing had to wait for the tide to go back down before they could rescue the driver, but they still had to deal with the sand. Hopefully, these people learned their lesson!

Car Gifted By CEO
Walter Carr’s vehicle broke down before his first day of work. But that didn’t stop him from his new job. He walked 20 miles to his new job starting at midnight Friday to be there Saturday morning, wanting to show he had dedication and work ethic. Police officers saw him, took him to breakfast and then dropped him off for work. The CEO was so impressed he gave Carr his Ford Escape!

Car Taken Out By Boulder
If you drive through mountainous areas you usually see “Watch For Falling Rock” signs. And they’re posted for a good reason, as these people found out. A car was driving in China when a boulder was set free by heavy rain and fell right onto their VW sedan. It completely crushes the car, but amazingly nobody was hurt!

Jail Time For Distracted Driving
You see distracted driving more often than not these days. People are on their phone calling, texting, using GPS systems. But it’s getting more and more dangerous and states are starting to crack down. Currently, most states only hand out fines (some as low as $20) for drivers pulled over while distracted. But states like Alaska and Utah already have laws in place where distracted driving could land the driver in jail for 90 days. And some states are starting to follow along. Do you think this is an appropriate punishment?

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