Car Jumps Over Drawbridge in Bad Dukes of Hazard Attempt

YouTube: WESH 2

Leave it to the professionals, will ya? In an age where we have cars that drive themselves and technological advances beyond our wildest thoughts, we never thought we’d have to start an article warning against trying something like this, but here we are.

In straight-up Dukes of Hazard fashion, this person was running late, or they really had to go to the bathroom and decided it was in their best interest to jump a drawbridge. In the event you’re the driver, please feel free to share your thoughts below, but we may never have the answer of what compelled them to do this, so for now, we’ll have to speculate.

Now, we’re not at all condoning this reckless driving behavior, but maybe if they had a different car we’d cringe less when watching the video, but that’s not the case.

YouTube: WESH 2

Fortunately, nobody was hurt. However, it’s slightly impressive that someone could be in that much of a rush that they’d risk their life with this stunt. Although, the driver didn’t leave the situation totally unscathed as they had damage to their windshield and the police hot on their tail.

The incident took place in Daytona Beach, Florida, and police reported a driver smashing through a traffic arm in front of the Main Street Bridge this past week. Cameras back up the police report, and they show the driver of an SUV, who was heading East, barreling through signals. When they reached the bridge, the traffic arms were in the down position.

YouTube: WESH 2

From another camera angle, you can see the bridge going up as the driver approaches, causing them to go airborne as they cross. According to WESH 2 News, the traffic arms were damaged and needed to be replaced. The police also reported they have identified the driver, which shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise in today’s world.

We imagine they’ll be facing some tough fines, but these pale in comparison to what could have happened. The driver is lucky they made it across. This could have been an entirely different outcome and they could have been fish food if they broke through a few seconds later.

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