Car Drives Off Cliff! Insane!

Talk about luck!! The driver of this car miraculously makes it out of this car crash unharmed, which is terrible when you watch the video.

It starts off with him driving pretty fast through a tunnel in the mountains. Now in a lot of these cases, mountain driving can be safe if there are proper guard rails set up and speed limits are followed. However in this case, it wasn’t safe.

After the driver gets through the tunnel, he speeds around a corner WAY too fast and eventually loses control. Unfortunately no guard rails or any protection was set up to prevent cliff crashes and this driver drove directly over the cliff. This is absolutely frightening because the car just keeps tumbling down this hill, until it suddenly comes to a complete stop.

You see later in the video that the car was stopped by some kind of concrete structure but as you can see, the cliff is REALLY steep. This was a very lucky situation and we’re guessing this driver is going to be a lot more careful next time he decides to go mountain driving.

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