Canadian Police Are Using Cutouts Of Officers To Catch Speeding Drivers

This Canadian town is taking a new approach to speeding drivers and law enforcement. Rather than post actual officers around town, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Lloydminster, Alberta has purchased 4 life-size cutouts of officers to place out instead. The hopes are that drivers will see the “officers” and slow down or drive safer altogether.

The newest addition to the force cost around $350 apiece, or $500 Canadian, and are built with an aluminum composite. The officer is wearing a jacket with reflective tape so they can be seen at night as well.

However, as drivers catch on that these aren’t real cops, the cutouts will be moved to other locations keeping a rotation going between live officers and the cutouts. According to CNN, the idea originated in British Columbia and helped cut the number of drivers caught speeding by 50%.

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