California Police Resort To Helicopter And 5-Car Squad To Catch Kid Doing Donuts

A bit much? Probably…

Sideshows are a growing trend across the country. We reported one just this week in Nashville. But where they’re really taking off is the West Coast, California in particular. Local authorities have been trying to figure out how to handle the idiots who think taking over roads and intersections for these stunts is a good idea. And while getting this under control is a must, is this particular solution the best use of resources? To catch this young man, the California Highway Patrol sent out air and ground units to bust him doing donuts at the end of a rural cul-de-sac.

So while this particular case was in a pretty non-populated area and probably wouldn’t have caused a big deal if it was left alone, other are doing these stunts that back up traffic and could potentially hurt bystanders. So, yes something needs to be done but bringing out choppers and several patrol units all to suspend one driver’s license for one month? Probably a bit much. Hopefully law enforcement finds a middle ground somewhere.

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