California Man’s House Has Been Crashed Into 23 Times Since 1964

Seeing a car crash into your home is already a nightmare in itself the moment it happens. But a man in San Jose, California has had a total of 23 cars crash into his property since 1964, resulting in thousands of dollars of damages.

Ray Minter, whose home is located off of the 680 freeway has been continuously crashed into by speeding cars and is hoping the city of San Jose will step in and do something to improve safe driving in this particular area.

Minter says his insurance company has spent $30,000 installing steel poles in front of his home twice. Unfortunately, it has not been enough to prevent speeders from crashing into his house. Minter says he has had four cars fully plow through his home, lost three vehicles of his own parked in his driveway, and has had to replace his fence multiple times. Thankfully, out of all of the accidents that have happened in the last fifty years, none of them have resulted in any serious injuries to anyone residing in the home.

The off-ramp was built in 1972, and since then drivers have repeatedly miscalculated how fast they are going when exiting the 680 freeway.

The city of San Jose says they have applied for a $40 million-dollar grant in hopes of improving road safety. In the meantime, they encourage drivers to be more cautious while behind the wheel.

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