Bystanders Help Save Motorcyclist’s Life After Crash Pins Him Under SUV

Bystanders saved a man’s life. A motorcycle rider is recovering after a crash that left him pinned under an SUV.

Employees at Jack Split Axe Throwing outside of Nashville, TN were in the right place at the right time. “Some of our employees, they were grabbing jacks and getting the car up, he ran next door to Home Depot, got some blocks,” said employee Reese Dixon.

“I went and grabbed a shopping cart, we threw blocks in there, some other threw blocks in and we were jacking it up, just to make sure if the jack got hit it wouldn’t drop again,” said Mike Dixon.

Fortunately, Murfreesboro Rescue crews were on the scene within minutes. First responders said that the group of bystanders who helped the man trapped beneath the SUV likely saved his life.

It’s reported that the victim will now make a full recovery.

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