British Strongman Drives a Real Tank Through a KFC Drive-Thru

Former World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall, is built like a tank. So it’s only appropriate that one of his chosen modes of transportation also happens to be a real tank.

Spotted driving his demilitarized CVR-T Scimitar, the tank in its current condition would be considered more like an armored reconnaissance vehicle. Equipped with a modified Jaguar 4.2-liter petrol engine with a lower compression ratio to allow it to run on lower-grade fuel, the tank is 100% street legal as long as it does not exceed 20 mph while on public streets.

So what does a larger-than-life strongman do with a larger-than-life vehicle? Take it to KFC of course!

Maneuvering the tank through the drive-thru required a gentle touch, as the path was a bit of a squeeze and Hall did his best to avoid hitting any curbs or walls. All while dealing with limited visibility.

Remarkably, Hall was able to maneuver in and out of the drive-thru with ease. Perhaps the only obstacle he had to deal with was that the driver’s side of the vehicle is located on the left side of the tank, requiring him to use a foldable grab-and-reach tool to pay and pick up his order.

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