Brand New Locomotive Dropped During Delivery

We have seen numerous videos of crane fails where cars, shipping containers and other things have fallen off during delivery. Seeing a brand new locomotive fall off during a delivery however, that’s a first! This particular locomotive is a brand new American Engineered EMD GT46C-ACe. Although we don’t know the precise weight of this thing, we imagine it was something incredible.

In the video we see the locomotive attached to an overhead lift in a shipping yard somewhere. It looks like it may have been being lifted directly off of a transport boat. Well all seems well for the first few seconds, when suddenly one of the ropes snap which causes all the ropes to snap. This ends up causing the entire locomotive to come crashing down on the ground causing a massive accident! Now that’s gotta be an expensive fail! There’s no information on what exactly went wrong but talk about a rough day on the job for these workers!

Parts of the locomotive were probably too damaged to be repaired because that fall looked pretty intense. What do you think about this locomotive fail? Let us know in the comments what you think happened and for more videos stay tuned on