BMW M3 Drives Off Cliff

This video is a few years old but it’s still one of the craziest crashes we’ve ever seen! This BMW M3 is driving around twists and turns in the mountains somewhere, going a lot faster than he should. He seems to be following a friend in a car in front of him. They end up coming up to a specific turn, which at first doesn’t look to be too sharp of a turn but that quickly turned out to be false.

This is where things take a drastic turn! As the BMW turns around the corner, he tries to slow down a little bit in order to make the turn but it was obvious he didn’t slow down enough. It looks as though he thought the turn wasn’t nearly as sharp as it ended up being, which is probably why he didn’t slow down enough. Going around the turn, he quickly loses control and literally falls off this super steep cliff and crashes and flips his way down.

Luckily the driver was ok but his car was clearly totaled. This is just another example of someone without the proper driving skills attempting to perform dangerous driving situations. What do you think about this fail? Thoughts?