Bear Opens Car Door! Scary!

Well this is some spooky stuff!

Anytime you’re driving somewhere where there are naturally wild animals around the nearby environment, the chances of this kind of stuff happening is always there. We have posted safari videos in the past of wild animals coming up to safari cars and attacking the car but it’s rare you see an animal actually OPEN the door, which is really crazy! Bears are pretty smart animals and the ones in this video definitely seem to understand what a car is and how to get inside of it.

This video is actually funny because the guy driving actually asks one of the bears if he wants to come inside the car, right before the bear actually OPENS the car door with his mouth. This is funny because it’s as if the bear actually heard him ask if he wanted to come inside the car! Although it’s a funny situation, it’s a bit scary for the people inside the car because nobody wants to be attacked by a bear and apparently now bears will open up the car door to get to the people inside. What do you think about this video? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!