Barn Find Lamborghini Miura Goes For $640,000

This dusty Lamborghini Miura was found in a huge barn with about 81 other cars from the 1950s to the 1980s. Besides some paint oxidation, a broken crank handle, and Ferrari wheel nuts, this Lambo is in good restorable condition.

Only 275 of these Lamborghinis were produced and this is number 118. It sports the original V12 engine. A mint condition P400 Miura would sell for $900,000. This one sold for $640,000.

This particular car accumulated about 48,000 miles on the clock before it was parked in this French barn by Mr. Ruggieri as part of his collection, and he didn’t do much with them as they sat there and collected dust.

Other cars in the collection included a rare Porsche 356 coup, a 1981 Corvette, a couple of Lincoln Continentals, a 1930 Citroen van, Lancia Flaminias, and a bunch of others.

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