Awesome Drag Racing Honda S2000

Ah, the Honda S2000. It’s probably up there with the Toyota Supra when it comes to classic Japanese sports cars that everyone remembers.

The Honda S2000 was a roadster that was produced between 1999-2009 by Honda. It was first revealed as a concept car in 1995 at the Tokyo Motor Show. To celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary, the production version of the S2000 was launched in April 1999. Continuing with the tradition of naming roadsters by their engine displacement, Honda named their new car the S2000 because its 2 liter engine. Honda produced roadsters in the 1960’s such as the S500, S600 and the S800.

Throughout the cars lifetime, a lot of changes would occur in most aspects such as engine changes, gearbox, suspension, interior and exterior changes. The car was a huge success and won many awards during the time of production. Many car critics praised the high output of the engine, the high redline and great handling. User surveys also named the S2000 as a favorite amongst consumers.

Although sales were great for most of its lifetime, sales began to decline during the 2008 automotive industry crisis, which resulted in the end of S2000 production in 2009. Like Toyota Supra’s, used Honda S2000’s are hard to come by these days and if you do find one, they aren’t cheap! Why? Because they’re both so great!