Automakers Send Young Car Enthusiast Their Badges

Photos courtesy Lindsay Hayes Hurty

This is cool story featured on Popular Mechanics is worth sharing. Five-year-old Patch Hurty was so excited when he found a Ford badge on the side of a road next to his house. Patch has been a car enthusiast from birth, some of his first words even being names of automakers!

Wishing he had more badges but not wanting to wait to find them on the side of the road, Patch and his mom, Lindsay Hurty, got to writing. They put together a letter explaining that he loves watching cars go past his house, how he came across his first badge, and how he loves it so much, if they had any logos or decals laying around, he would love to have one. They also included a coin from his piggy bank and a photo of him standing in front of one of that company’s cars if they had it. Then, he signed each of the 50+ letters.

You never know what to expect when you send letters out like this. You have to hope they make it into the right hands in order to actually get read. And you certainly don’t expect most of them to reply! Patch got lucky and his letters had a big impact!

Not only did he get ONE response, but he also got one from almost every letter he sent out! Jeep apologized for not having a badge to send but sent a metal sign, a hat, a pen, and a keychain. Volvo sent a grille badge, a frisbee, and other items. Bentley sent the center cap from a wheel. Lincoln sent an original pencil sketch of a Continental. BMW sent one of its new emblems. And the list just goes on to include Tesla, Bugatti, Honda, and many more. Also, almost all of them returned the coin.

He even heard back from automakers no longer in business. While Isuzu stopped producing cars in 2008, they sent him a couple Hot Wheels–size models of their commercial trucks. Suzuki bowed out in 2014, but still, they sent a key ring, stickers, and brochures for their motorcycles and ATVs.

And the notes were just as nice, some even handwritten. A handwritten letter from Honda wrote, “We hope your love of cars continues to grow”. Bentley’s customer service manager replied, “Thank you for sharing your love of cars with me”. Infiniti’s card was handwritten—and signed by nine people. Volkswagen took it even further after establishing a conversation with Patch. After he sent them a thank-you note accompanied by a photo of him and his VW Badge, they wrote back, “Your letters have made a lot of people in our offices happy, Patch. I am very glad that you took the time to reach out and share your dream. Keep spreading happiness and good things will come your way.”

It’s cool to have an automotive enthusiast at such a young age. Keep it up, Patch! And way to go, automakers.

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