As Traffic Suddenly Stops, This Car Pulls Off An Insane Save!

The interstate is pretty stressful when there’s slow traffic. Considering a lot of drivers already don’t pay attention, it just ups the chances of someone suddenly stomping on their brakes when traffic slows down because they aren’t paying attention. This causes a chain reaction because then the person behind them stomps on their brakes, then the person behind that person also stomps on their brakes, etc. This creates a dangerous situation which usually results in someone rear-ending another car.

In this situation traffic is suddenly slowing down which causes the chain reaction described above. Now the gray SUV swerves over to the left to avoid hitting the car in front of it or maybe to avoid the car going WAY too fast behind it also! A black car swerves into the right lane to avoid a rear-end collision and is sliding to the side with smoke coming from the tires. Then the car whips around PERFECTLY to get back into the left lane. This legit looked like a practiced stunt driver but who knows! Maybe it was luck or maybe it’s someone who knows how to drive like this in an event they have to save their car from a potential crash. What do you think?