Apple Is Teaming Up With Logitech On Autonomous Cars

Apple was recently given permission to test self-driving cars by the California DMV, according to Autoblog. They join a long list of start-ups and tech companies that have autonomous cars out on the streets. What makes Apple different so far is that they have an option for manual control of the car. They’re using a Lexus RX450h for testing and engineers will be able to control the car from the back seat using an off-the-shelf steering wheel and pedal video game control from Logitech.

Basically, they want to safely train drivers how to work with the autonomous vehicles and different driving conditions. By giving the driver and option to jump in and take control it may give drivers more peace of mind when it comes to situations like U-turns and high-speed driving. And although this doesn’t mean Apple is building its own autonomous car, they may be designing software that could be used in the future across the autonomous platform.