Angry Jeep Owner Blocks A Double Parked Nissan

How many times have you been driving around a parking lot and see someone who double parked? Seriously? Why do people do this? It literally takes 2 seconds to park correctly, so there’s really no excuse to take up two parking spaces. It’s rude and inconsiderate for others. Anyways, in this video we see an angry Jeep owner who decides they’re going to block in a Nissan who double parked. This may or may not be fake, but regardless it’s still pretty funny!

When the Jeep decides to block in the double parked Nissan, they get REALLY close to their car. Obviously they were doing this so they could block the driver from getting in the drivers side door so they would be forced to crawl through the passenger side. However when the owner of the Nissan comes out of the store, this is when things get interesting.

The driver of the Nissan sees what just has happened to his car and is probably not too happy about the Jeep parking so close. He then walks around the Jeep to fully inspect what has happened. But then, to everyone’s surprise, the Nissan owner gets in on the “passenger” side and drives away! Yep, it’s a right side drive car! That was a fail for the Jeep owner! What do you think about this?