An All Wheel Drive Burnout In A GT-R

Traditional burnouts aren’t typically done in all-wheel-drive vehicles. But Taylor Steffes took her Nissan GT-R to the people over at Hoonigan and they got creative with it.

MotorAuthority reports the car has about 800 horsepower on E85 and has upgraded fuel injectors, a flex kit and lots of other mods to produce more power on the already quick car. Since the GT-R isn’t known for awesome burnouts, even with water under the tires to keep things slick, here’s how they got it to work…they strapped it to a truck. And although the GT-R is smart enough to stop the clutch system from overheating and cuts the power, with some more water on the rear wheels and this Nissan’s tires were smoking in no time.

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Then on PowerNation Katie’s guest is Dan Muldowney, the co-founder of Race-Gas, a product you’ve seen used a lot on Engine Power. Dan is an avid racer and he’ll talk about why and how they created Race-Gas to solve problems he experienced at the track. He’ll also hint at some new products coming down the pike. So make sure you tune in.