Amish Horse & Buggy Send Sparks Flying Mid-Drift

One horsepower is definitely enough to get sparks flying. An Amish horse and buggy in Pennsylvania proves that.

According to the driver who’s dashcam provides the video:

“I had just left my house, heading to Baltimore, Maryland. This happened on the road that I live on. I was going down the hill when the horse and buggy ran out in front of me and drifted around the corner. I found the guy that was driving the buggy and talked to him about it. They were getting ready for a wedding and the family was in there a while and he was hooking it up when a strap came down and hit the horse in the butt which spooked the horse. Luckily no one was hurt.

It appears the drift was accidental as the horse and buggy come careening around a corner. However, we have to give credit to the guy in control as the buggy stayed upright and moving forward. The flying sparks were just a bonus.

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