American Muscle Takes Over England’s Only Dragstrip

Our PowerNation On Road: England is back! Be sure to tune in to NBCSN November 7th at 1 AM Eastern, 10 PM Pacific to see asPowerNation takes you drag racing…British style! We’ll show you the cars (a lot of them are actually American) and talk to the racers. Santa Pod Raceway is England’s only drag strip and was built on an old WWII air force base and was originally asphalt before they converted it to concrete. They run about 50 1/8 and 1/4-mile races a year. While we were there they ran a nostalgia race featuring cars from every year, make, and model. And American-made hot rods sure made a presence! Everything from an iconic Superbird to a smokin’ hot jetcar made their way onto the strip!

We meet up with a driver and his Ford Anglia that houses a supercharged small block Chevy. It puts out about 900 HP without the nitrous and an added 400 HP WITH the nitrous. He says it may even have too much power for the track!

Another driver shipped in his Plymouth Superbird from North Carolina! It’s a 9.6-Liter and dynoed at 860 HP. His personal best? A run in the high 9s.

As Gannon gets out and talks to the crowd he learns a few new terms they use across the pond…like they don’t use the term “hot rod”!