A Silverado Transformed Into A Muscle Truck!

This week on PowerNation is an awesome Tred Wear Scottsdale SS with a body kit by Chicanery. It transforms the truck from a regular 2017 blacked out Silverado to a one-of-a-kind muscle truck. It got an old school paint scheme and all the bells and whistles to make this truck stand out.

In order to give the truck a wide, racecar-like feel the team at Tred Wear put their widebody kit on it. It consists of 4 fenders and the front valance spoiler. The kit takes a few hours to install and then you have yourself a permanent upgrade! And the best part? The kits ship to your door for around $150.

Gannon and the Tred Wear team take the SS out and haul the Tred Wear Tarantula along with it! The Tarantula started out as a ’39 Coupe that was race back in the 1960s. The Tred Wear team made some custom 20″ rims for it, threw a Hamner racing engine in it and this thing is even street legal!

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