A Rally Cross Driver Gets Lost In The Parking Lot…And Still Wins

Over the weekend, the World Rally Cross Championship kicked off their 3rd round in Mexico. And it got pretty exciting. Kris Meeke was in the lead and almost threw it away when he went wide, through tall brush and ended up in the parking lot less than half a mile from the finish line. According to Road and Track, he drove through the parking lot maze looking for a way back onto the course hoping he still had a shot at the win.

He finally found his way out of the lot, but not before clipping the back end of a car and squeezing his way through all the other parked cars. But thanks to his 37.8-second lead, he did secure the win…even with a punctured tire from driving through the brush! Even after his minor detour though the parking lot he still had a final lead of 13.8 seconds…not bad!