A Porsche Flips Right Off The Track Into A Canal

When you’re racing just about anything can go wrong. This time, unfortunately for the driver behind the wheel of this Porsche 964RSR something did. Take a look at this scene where you can see the Porsche hurry around this track, accelerating heavily, when it looks as if the car’s steering gave out. Based on the cloud of smoke and the fact that the driver didn’t even attempt to turn the wheel at all, it looks like there might have been some sort of hydraulic failure that didn’t let this car turn the front wheels and get around the corner safely. A worst-case scenario unfolded as the car heads straight into a barrier and goes airborne, flipping over before heading down into the water.

Source: Bike Edition

This week on PowerNation Katie features this drop dead gorgeous 1941 Ford F-1 built by the team from One Off Rod & Custom in Middletown, DE that made it all the way to the Ridler Great 8! Shop owner Gary Corkell and Kristina Young will share all the hard work that went into transforming a partially restored truck into a Ridler contender, including a complicated two-tone paint job called “Brown Sugar” that has 18 coats of Clear, a period correct Flathead, and a motorized hood and bed that reveals jewelry-like suspension.

The interior is equally superb with imported leather and hydro-dipped dash components for a stunning look. Owner Ed Sears has to be happy, he’s commissioned them to take another shot at the Ridler. Check it out this week on PowerNation!