A Lego Motor Blowing Up At High RPMs Is Oddly Satisfying

LEGO’s Technic series is actually a pretty cool setup. It has all kinds of mechanical parts that range from gears to levers to pistons and crankshafts. The sets are perfect for gearheads who want to tinker with something.

The guys in this video decided to build a few model engines and spin them up with an electric motor to see just how much stress they can handle before blowing apart. It starts with a replica of a Honda four-cylinder, attached to the motor. The engine looks pretty lifelike, considering everything is made from plastic. The revs slowly increase as the small pistons pump faster inside the small plastic cylinders. Although we don’t know exactly what RPM this thing is turning, it’s obviously getting up there when everything lets go, causing pistons and other engine pieces go flying. Then, the guys double up on the piston count, building a replica V8 and put it through the same test. Check it out on PowerNationTV.com

Source: Speed Society, YouTube Sayaman

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