A Giant Vending Machine Dispenses Exotic Cars

There’s a new car trend on the rise…car vending machines, for lack of a better name. There’s several across the U.S. and we actually have one here in Nashville, Carvana, but this is a machine that dispenses only exotics.

The new Autobahn Motors building in Singapore lets you window-shop into one of the largest showrooms around, according to MotorTrend. The building has 15 stories all with windows open to the street for people to see what luxury cars are on display. If you see one you like, an automated system checks and updates the 60-car inventory before picking your car for you. The customer chooses the car they want from a touchscreen on the ground floor and arrives next to them in less than 2 minutes.

Starting at 9am ET on Sunday we have all new tech from the shops. In Xtreme Offroad, the dual-purpose Tacoma receives race-ready, high-performance suspension…and 7″ of extra track width! If you want a chance to win it, head to PowerNationTV.com and click on the giveaways tab.

Plus Katie features up and coming racer Justin Vickers and his Camaro Super Street. Justin owns a restoration company and one customer had an unusual request: to restore a train caboose. We’ll also show you the winner of the Rock Auto Jeep as he gets the keys to his new ride. Lot’s going on, so go make sure and tune in.