A Fuel-Pump That Fits Anywhere and Making Sure Your Truck Has the Right Intake

In layman’s terms, an air intake system brings air from outside your vehicle into the engine’s intake manifold and then mixes it with fuel from your gas tank. Without an air intake, your truck couldn’t rely on a continual internal combustion reaction, and any produced motion wouldn’t be usable. Purchasing a quality intake is vital for performance.

The fuel pump is considered by many as your vehicle’s “unsung hero.” It works by taking gas from your gas tank and sending it to the engine so your vehicle can run. It should last 100,000 miles, but if you’ve reached that point in your vehicle’s life, it’s time to replace it with a quality part.

Choosing the Right Intake for Your Truck

K&N Cold Air Intakes | Summit Racing

You might be thinking to yourself – all cold air intakes are the same. Well, don’t say that to K&N. They have an entire family of cold air intakes for your truck designed and engineered specific applications. If you’re having trouble deciding which one to choose, Summit Racing has a K&N “family tree,” which describes the features and benefits for each type.

Fuel Flow that Fits Anywhere

Deatschwerk’s DW440 Fuel Pump | Summit Racing

If you purchase a high-flow electric fuel pump, it won’t work how you expect it to if it doesn’t fit where it needs to be. Deatschwerk’s DW440 Fuel Pump has a brushless motor that’s more than quiet. It’s efficient, making the pump a compact four inches in length. With its 440 liter-per-hour flow capacity, the DW400 pump won’t have much trouble feeding a Top Fuel nitro motor.

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