A Ford Vs. Chevy Debate So Heated It Led To An Actual Shooting

It’s a long-standing argument among gearheads: Ford or Chevy?

It’s brought arguments and debates between thousands however, this is an over the top situation. A Virginia man with a knife and a gun was reportedly attending an Easter-related dinner at his girlfriend’s house when he began arguing with her adult son, debating if Chevy or Ford was “better”.

Local authorities say 56-year-old Mark Turner pulled a knife on the son. When his girlfriend intervened between the two, Turner then turned the knife on her, stabbing her in the lower back. He then disappeared inside and came back with a firearm. Even after being stabbed, Turner’s girlfriend once again got between the two men and was shot in the leg five times.

Authorities arrived on the scene to find the victims yelling in pain and indicating that Turner was responsible for their injuries. Turner came outside “heavily intoxicated” and without his weapon, to confront the officers before he was eventuallys truck by a flexible baton round and taken into custody.

Turner was charged with two counts of malicious wounding, using a firearm in a felony, and possession of a firearm as a felon. However, it wasn’t decided which automaker was best.

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