A Ford-Volkswagen Alliance Could Be Confirmed As Soon As Next Week

Last year there were rumors that Ford and Volkswagen may team up and join an alliance. It appears those rumors hold true and may even be confirmed as early as next week.

Both automakers will be at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and there is time scheduled Tuesday morning for a major industry announcement. The discussion between the two has been said to be going well so the next question is, is this the big announcement. It’s reported by Reuter’s that Volkswagen’s board meets Friday and could give the alliance the green light and approve making it public next week.

While the collaboration started with work on commercial vehicles, we’re waiting to hear what this means for vehicles on both the commercial and non-commercial side for both companies. Specifically, when it comes to the future and technology like autonomous vehicles, the two have been in talks to see how they can work together to reduce the cost.

And while the alliance could definitely help financially, geographically, and resourcefully they have made sure to stress that no equity will be exchanged. No one is buying anyone else and there is no merger in the works. So are you in favor of the possible alliance?

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