A Father And Son Are Heartbroken After Truck Build Is Stolen

It’s always terrible to hear of stories like this. Mike Twyman and his son, Devan, like to build. Anything from work in their family construction business to their hobby of building and refurbishing cars.

And their biggest, most prized project was working on a 1986 Chevrolet truck Mike helped Devan buy when he was 14. They’ve worked on it together for the past 11 years.

“That was my very first truck,” said Devan, now 25, “I wanted to pass it down to my kids one day.”

It’s a labor of love that was stolen over the weekend in Nashville, TN.

Mike said he parked the truck around 1pm at Nissan Stadium for an event.

“I came back out at 3 o’clock,” Mike told local news WKRN. “The truck was missing. “My heart dropped. I was at a total loss.”

Besides memories, Devan says he’s spent about $18,000 fixing and refurbishing the truck.

“If we don’t get it back, it’s a total loss,” Mike Twyman said. “Every dime he spent on it is a total loss. I mean it’s just devastating to both of us.”

Both father and son say they want justice. Police are investigating what happened but haven’t made any arrests. Anyone with information is asked to call Metro Police.