A Completely Custom 1970 Barracuda Named Bruiser!

We visit Team Witt Customs and check out what projects they have going on in their shop. Owner, Kirby Witt, started his first shop when he was only 17 and began wrenching on the side. He eventually decided, why not make money doing what he loves?

About 80% of their cars are muscle cars, and our favorite was the 1970 Barracuda that they call Bruiser. It has a stroke 511 under the hood that pushes about 750 horsepower. It’s a completely custom build and an awesome car. Another interesting build in their shop is this is a ’68 Jeep up top and a Toyota 4-Runner on the bottom which definitely takes some creativity and craftsmanship to make look good. The trick is to make sure the bodywork lines up while still having room for the engine, radiator, etc. The Z28 is a beautiful car that has a cool story behind it.

Being located in Nashville, TN it was a cool thing for Team Witt Customs to be able to work on one of the most famous Honky Tonk’s Cadillac Eldorado. Nudie’s Honky Tonk is legendary in Nashville, so when the owner asked for them to do work on his personal car they were all in! They shipped the car and asked for Team Witt Customs to remove all the weight (engine, transmission, etc.) so they could hang it on the wall in the bar. So if you’re ever in the area, check it out!

They also have a 68 Camaro, a Road Runner, a Trans Am, and lots of other smaller projects. since they also do piece-work jobs, they stay pretty busy!