A Civic Driver’s Detour Left Them Stuck…Literally

This could almost be a Fast Fail because what this Honda Civic driver did was a huge fail! So in Lincoln Nebraska, some construction workers were re-paving a road with fresh concrete. Traffic was backed up and going slow through the construction zone but for this 19-year-old Honda Civic driver, he decided to take a detour. Frustrated from being in traffic, the driver decided he was gonna drive around the cones and take a detour around everyone, according to The Drive.

Well, he didn’t get too far as you can tell! The Civic immediately got stuck in freshly poured concrete, which was reportedly poured less than 30 minutes before this actually occurred. The Lincoln Journal Star tweeted out info of the event. The worst fail of this incident is not him getting stuck in the concrete but the price of the damages. A contractor estimated that the damages being more than $10,000! That’s one expensive fail!

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