A 600 cc Lightning McQueen-Themed Trike Can Pull Off Some Wild Drifts

You usually see drifting done by Mustangs or other somewhat sporty vehicles. And as far as utility vehicles go, at least here in America, it’s usually pickups or vans. But in Italy, it’s the Piaggio Ape. And it drifts, too. It’s basically a three-wheeler from the makers of the Vespa scooter that’s designed for the small, narrow streets of Italy.

19Bozzy92 posted this video of one of the “Ape cars” that is prepped and in action. And to top it off, it’s decorated with a Lightning McQueen exterior. Normally, most production Apes don’t usually go above 450 cubic centimeters, but this go-kart-like racer features a 600 cc engine out of a Honda motorcycle. That makes it’s wheelies and drifts awesome.

It’s seen here taking part in the 2018 Italian Historic Cars showcase in Camaiore, Italy, an annual vintage rally car demonstration on a street circuit outside of Tuscany.