A ’55 Chevy Pickup And Tahoe Chassis Swap You Want To See!

This builder and fan of PowerNation used the shows to help with this awesome and unique build! Eric Baltazar looks forward to Saturday mornings to get his does of PowerNation how-to tech that he used for his 1955 Chevy pickup build. Along with the help of Greg Bush from Past Time Customs, they took the body off of a Chevy Tahoe and put a ’55 Chevy pickup on top of the full chassis suspension drivetrain.

At first, Greg thought Eric was crazy for attempting this swap but they made it possible! They managed to get everything from wheel wells to fenders to line up, then it was on to the body work! Eric wanted a copper effect on the truck, and after a lot of work it turned out looking great. It may look antique on the outside, but on the inside it’s nice and polished. It’s a one of a kind build, that’s for sure!

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