A 1976 C3 Corvette Body on a Modern C6 Chassis is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

C3 C6 Corvette Hybrid | YouTube: Badazz76

Here’s a restomod you won’t soon forget created by Hardcore Engine Builders from Hungary. The brothers wrapped up the C3/C6 Hybrid in 2017, but the car has finally reached its homeland of the United States, and it’s causing some waves online. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re going to love it.

As was first reported by Corvette Blogger, it’s quite the challenge to take something old and combine it with something new, but this build is a prime example of doing something unique and making it work. It’s a testament to their ingenuity and vision, which is worth discussing.

C3 C6 Corvette Hybrid | YouTube: Badazz76

Once they completed a tear-down of their donor vehicles, Hardcore Engine Builders went to work to assemble a monster with the best parts they could find. A 6.2L LS3 V8, 6-speed automatic transaxle, and components from the steering of a C6 were fitted onto a custom frame. It’s also upgraded with a stainless-steel exhaust system, C6 Z06 brakes, long tube headers, contemporary electronics, and a keyless entry system.

The classic C3 body was carefully installed over this modern marvel, which was then covered with Nardo Gray and a beautiful light blue. The results speak for themselves.

C3 C6 Corvette Hybrid | YouTube: Badazz76

All of the chrome pieces, including the C3-style bumpers, are blacked out. They also fitted the car with quad halo headlights that stand out through the blacked-out lower grille. It’s hard to put into words, but this car is unique, and we’re happy that it’s been brought back to the states a few years after completion.

To top it all off, they included a set of black multi-spoke wheels similar to the ones you’ll find on the original Challenger Hellcats off the assembly line in Canada. Simply put, the brothers have created one of the better-looking C3s we’ve seen, and it must stand out like an American tourist with a fanny pack on the streets of Eastern Europe.

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