A 1958 Kenworth Barn Find That’ll Take You Back!

We’ve seen a lot of barn finds over the years, and this could be one of the coolest yet. We get that it’s no ultra-rare Superbird or anything but this 1958 Kenworth is a great find because, assuming it’s been parked in this building for quite a while, a 60-year-old K-Dub with this low of miles would be pretty rare and probably worth quite a bit The skadill YouTube channel that posted the video originally is based out of British Columbia, so it’s safe to assume this truck is north of the border.

The Kirkland, Washington-based manufacturer was founded in 1923 and has been one of the world’s largest Class 8 truck suppliers in their 94-year run. KW’s are known for dependability and relatively low price compared to their longtime rival Peterbilt. The 1958 model shown in the video is debatably one of the finest examples of a truck like this left today, being that nearly all big rigs were driven hard until they were either replaced, scrapped or crashed beyond repair. It’s rare that anyone invests in such a rig just to park it and let it sit, so to find one in such great shape and likely having relatively low miles is pretty cool.

Hopefully, the finders have (or had) the truck restored to full working order and get it back in drivable condition so it can be shared with other truck enthusiasts out there.