8 Awesome Vintage Ford Pick-Up Commercials

Vintage commercials are so awesome and always great to watch because of the level of detail that went into them. Back in the day, there wasn’t the internet or smartphones with advertising on them, there were TV commercials. Commercials back then had to really capture peoples attention, so companies really went all out when filming.

Ford put a lot of effort into filming these commercials for their pickup truck line. One of these awesome vintage commercials shows a truck driving over a giant pile of cinderblocks to show how tough it is. Another crazy commercial in this bunch includes a ton of helicopters flying over a beach with Ford trucks attached to cables. Now THAT’S awesome!

Another awesome commercial is a Ford truck driving over a pile of logs, because that’s a cool thing to do of course! There’s even a semi truck commercial! Ford once sold semi trucks in the States and they still do around the world but no longer sell them here.

Ah, nothing like great 70’s and 80’s commercials! What do you think about these? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments what you think! For more cool videos like this, stay tuned on PowerNationTV.com.