60 Year Journey Between Woman And Her “57 Lady” Comes To An End

A journey between a woman and her beloved car is coming to an end after 60 years. This is an awesome story. Grace Braeger bought the car that she calls “57 LADY” back in 1957. After six decades together, she’s ready to find the car a new home. Talk about getting the most out of your car! Hey, when you find one you like you stick with it.

You may be wondering why she doesn’t want to pass it on to a family member or hold on to this piece of her life for her whole adult life. However, she has pretty good reasoning behind wanting to move on from the car. She wants to share it with someone else who will be able to appreciate it, and that makes this story even better. The last thing that she wants is for the car to end up behind the doors of the barn or sitting in a garage rusting away. And you have to applaud her for that. It’s not every day you come across a ride kept as clean as this one with an owner who cares as much as she does!