5,150 HP HyperCar, Top Fuel First Timers, Road Sign Detectors, Hydro Boat Crash, Melting Roads, And Fast Fails

Today on PND…

• A New 5,150 HP HyperCar
• First Time Top Fuel Fans Reactions
• Road Signs That Can Detect Phone Use
• A Hydro Boat That Ends Up In Pieces
• It’s So Hot In Australia Roads Are Melting
• And Top 5 Fast Fails

New Hypercar
If you thought the Devel Sixteen hypercar had a lot of power, check this out. The Alieno Arcanum is from Bulgaria and is the newest all-electric hypercar to join the market. It has a 303 mph top speed and puts out 5,150 horsepower, 6,549 lb.-ft. torque. It has a whopping 634-mile range powered by 6 electric motors PER WHEEL. It’s street legal, but of course, a track mode will be designed as well. The goal of the small automaker is to have the car race in Le Mans. So stay tuned to see more!

Top Fuel Reactions
Whether it’s excitement, fear, or panic there’s usually a good reaction out of people who attend their first Top Fuel Drag Race. And Facebook Page “Passion For Racing” posted a compilation video of some of the best!

Phone-Detecting Signs
The number of people driving while distracted is growing. And the leading cause is cell phones. So the council in Norfolk County in London has decided to test road signs that can detect radio signals from phones in use. They flash alerts to get your attention and tell you to put the phone down. The only downfall is they can’t distinguish between a phone used by drivers or passengers. Do you think it’d help?

Hydro Boat Explosion
This is one of the more intense crashes we’ve seen on the water. YouTuber Jay Hudgens uploaded a video of a Top Fuel Hydro boat and he was probably expecting to watch an awesome run. However, things went wrong and the boat flipped, crashed, and virtually disintegrated in the water. There is nothing but pieces left…luckily the drive was ok!

Road Melting
It’s so hot in Australia, drivers are being forced to leave their cars because the roads are melting and gumming up their tires. There have been at least 20 cars left on the side of the road when drivers realized they couldn’t go any further. The cause was a drastic change in weather. The DOT reportedly resurfaced the roads last week while it was cool. Then it rained and heated up which cause a melting mess on the roads.