5 Simple Car Hacks From Stuff Around The House

1) Have dirty vents that your cloth or rag just can’t reach? Instead of spending an hour trying to jam into each slot and get that dust out, you can use the disposable foam paint brushes found at a local hobby or craft store. They fit into tight spaces really easily and get all that dirt that a rag couldn’t pick up. Best part is – wash it off and use it next time too.

2)Have a seatbelt that’s slow to recoil when you unbuckle it? You may not have to take it to the shop or replace parts. Before you go to all that trouble (and money) try spraying the top plastic slider underneath the seatbelt with polish. It should remove some friction and get the seatbelt working back to normal.

3) Most of us use our smartphone for something while we’re in the car -music, navigation, etc. But instead of holding it or having it slide all over the passenger seat, you can use a rubber band for a makeshift holder. Just slide the rubber band through the air vent. Granted you’ll probably want to leave your vent off but if you’re in a pinch, don’t want to spend money on dash holders or don’t want that mark from the suction cup this works.

4) Some cars just don’t have great cupholders. And rather than balance that hot cup of coffee in your lap all the way to work, you can grab a roll of duct tape from the garage and throw it in the passenger seat. It’s not pretty or a long term solution but it keeps the cup relatively steady and also frees up your lap.

5) On those mornings you walk out and have your windows fogged up and misty here’s a solution. Grab a pair of old socks and fill them with kitty litter. Tie the top, place it on your dash or under your seat and you now have a device to soak up that extra moisture and get that damp odor out of your car.

Have any other car hacks? Let us know!