21-Year-Old Dies After Lexus Remotely Starts And Pins Him Between Two Cars

Michael Kosanovich Facebook

A freak accident took a 21-year-olds life last week. Michael Kosanovich was standing between two parked 2002 Lexus IS300s when one of them was accidentally remotely started and lurched forward, trapping him in between.

Bystanders attempted to move the car backward, but instead, the vehicle rolled farther forward and pinned Kosanovich, crushing him.

Police arrived at the scene and unpinned Kosanovich and were able to rush him to the hospital however, doctors were unable to save him and he passed away the following day.

Toyota Motor North America issued a statement and said that they did not offer remote starters in the 2002 IS300:

“Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Michael Kosanovich. Although many details are unknown at this time, we have reached out to local law enforcement to offer support in the investigation.”

There have been no arrests in the case and authorities are investigating the incident.

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