2018 Ram Rebel, Ford's EV Patent, Demon's AC Power, Life-Size Tonka Truck, And Ford's Latest Recalls

The 2018 Ram Rebel, Ford's Patent For EV Technology, Dodge Cooling Things Off With The Demon's AC, A Life-Size Toyota Hilux Tonka, And Ford's 3rd Recall In A Week all on PowerNation Daily!
  1. The 2018 Ram Rebel Rivals The F-150 Raptor
  2. Ford Patented EV's That Start The Engines To Automatically Recharge The Battery
  3. Dodge Is Using The Demon’s AC Unit To Cool That Hemi Down
  4. This Life-Size Toyota Hilux Tonka Truck Is A Toy For Adults
  5. Ford’s Third Recall In A Week Affects 2017 Ford F-250s